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Small is Seductive + Big is Beautiful FIND OUT MORE

Small is Seductive + Big is Beautiful

A marquee wedding, is a great opportunity to showcase your artistic side and your individual creative personality. It can show your family and friends, your nearest and dearest exactly what makes you as a couple work. A marquee allows your to dress and create your wedding exactly how you and your fiancé wish it to be: there is a vast space for your to place a collage of your university years, the haircuts that you dawned which were “so in fashion” you swear by it, your first blind date together, your first holidays, your Christmases together or even your family pets; there is space in a marquee for a projector screen for the best man to play an embarrassing slide show of your soon to be ‘hubby’s’ stag-do (or perhaps this wouldn’t be such a good idea); there is space for you both to showcase your dancing skills which you have been rehearsing every Tuesday night for the past six months in the dingy village hall; there is room for you to have your table plan embedded on a rustic mirror with the help from your cousin – that you haven’t spoken to since you were six years old – who is a whiz at calligraphy; for you to have the local ballerina dancers perform a cascading performance of Swan Lake – the first show that your dragged your soon to be husband to; there is enough room for you to sit your boss at one side of the marquee and your loud mouth, prone to a ‘good’ drink best friend to the other side to avoid any embarrassing stories that may indeed get you fired.

On the other hand if it is an intimate, love affair that you wish to create – we have seen our smaller marquees dressed to perfection to give a romantic feel. We have dressed the entire roof in fairy lights embedded into the luxurious ivory lining – which goes unnoticed during the day and slowly fades to the forefront when night time falls. We have seen a saxophonist jazz professional stand at one corner of the marquee while the tables and Chiavari ivory chairs are placed facing him to create a 1920’s prohibition feel to the marquee with candles laden on tables and staff dressed in pinstripes and bowler hats. We have had the pleasure of witnessing a marriage with only 40-50 guests, in which the couples four children preformed a heart-breaking poem in unison about their parents love for each other and how they are finally happy that they can ‘all share the same last name.’ A smaller marquee has been draped in volumes of ivy falling from the roof of the marquee down past the eaves to the floor and trailing out to the 50 metre long red carpet entrance. And much, much more has been done with our marquees…not one wedding we have seen has had the same feel, passion or flare than the last – and this is what makes a marquee wedding special.

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