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Round Tables or Trestle Tables?…That is the question FIND OUT MORE

Round Tables or Trestle Tables?

I get asked all the time by our clients; ‘what should I have for my event round tables or trestle tables?’ and to be honest there is no right answer.

Round tables:
PROS: classic table layout, timeless, can maintain elaborate big centre pieces, cross-table chats are accommodated for whilst you can sit couples apart from each other but still at the same table, round table cloths come in many sizes, easier for waiting staff to serve your guests.

CONS: some people do not want the traditional feel, they take up more room in your marquee as they will not fit well into the corners of the marquee to allow more room.

4ft round tables – 6 guests (8 maximum) or used as a cake table, guest book table or gift table £5.00 + VAT/each
5ft round tables – 8 guests (10 maximum) £6.00 + VAT/each
6ft round tables – 10 guests (12 maximum) £7.00 + VAT/each

REMEMBER: if you are having a three course meal – this will include crockery, cutlery and glassware for three meals and red and white wine…and water. Will you have wine of your table? Will it be in a ice cooler? Will you have centre pieces? Napkins? Favours? Cameras? all these items will take away from the space on your table…

Trestle tables:
PROS: guests find it easy to talk to everyone at their table, take up much less room, you can join tables together to maximise room, tables can be joined to make different shapes (square, buffet, criss-cross, regal banquet) lots of small centre pieces look different and lovely.

CONS: big centre pieces look a bit awkward and clutter the table (lots of smaller centre pieces needed), the guests in the middle of the banqueting style tables may feel cramped for room, not much space on the table itself if you sit guests on either side compared to round tables.

4ft trestle tables – 4 guests or used as a cake table, guest book table or gift table £3.00 + VAT/each
6ft trestle tables – 6 guests (8 guests maximum (2 on either end)) £4.00 + VAT/each
8ft trestle tables – 8 guests (10 guests maximum (2 on either end)) £5.00 + VAT/each

A bit of a difference:
– all guests including top table seated at round tables
– different sizes of round tables (mixture) so you do not have to have strict table numbers of 10 guests
– a square formed with trestle tables with a round table in the middle for your top table
– table roulette guests pick their own table out of a hat when they enter the marquee…bye bye painstaking table plan.

PS: remember to check if your other suppliers (catering, DJ, bar) need tables too…

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