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Panoramic Roofs and Windows in East Lothian, Edinburgh

Everyone loves a new trend and the panoramic windows and roofs are no different, and I think they are here to stay. Since 2015 we have seen a boom in the panoramic roofs; we offer panoramic roofs for all our Clear Span Style marquees the question is how many do you opt for.

We always encourage our brides/clients to have whatever they have envisioned however, sometimes practically comes into play, and I find myself being the boring, practical auntie when it comes to panoramic roofs.  I find myself advising clients that perhaps it is best to have panoramic roofs only above the dance floor area or perhaps in the entrance marquee but do not go for the full roof, ‘trust me.’ You may be thinking why not go for the full roof? It will look amazing, it will be different, we will be able to see the stars at night through the roof; and I completely agree, this all sounds beautiful, in theory. A full panoramic roof can have the opposite effect; it can turn the marquee into a glorified green house. The panoramic roofs, if the full roof is panoramic allows the sun (yes I know we live in Scotland, but it does come out once and a while) to filter into the marquee through the roof and your guests will be dining alfresco style which may feel like they are in the middle of the desert.


Now, I, like any woman, absolutely hate to admit when we are wrong nevertheless, I completely hold my hands up in this case. We had the pleasure to work with the lovely Russell and Helen for their wedding in mid-August 2015 near Edinburgh. East Lothian. The location was absolutely stunning to say the least. The couple gathered their nearest and dearest to camp near a log cabin overlooking the North Sea. The couple hired a log cabin which had access to a private beach, they set up camp with ti-pi’s, tents, portable loo’s and so forth for a completely different wedding feel, and lastly, they hired one of our Clear Span Marquees to host their wedding reception, meal, bar, celidh band and DJ.


The first email I received from Russell was precise and to the point; he wanted a fully panoramic marquee, attached to the log cabin, he needed power, and lots of fairy lights! My boring-self came out and advised that a fully panoramic roof and walls would cause your guests to melt before the speeches.  Russell was adamant that this is what they wanted and the client is always right. So, we both came up with a plan; we would play it by ear. Now this sounds a bit crazy and irresponsible to leave your wedding day to chance but this is exactly what we decided to do. We were going to wait until the week before to see what the weather was predicted to do. I think to date; this is the one wedding that was hoping for an over-cast day for their wedding.  The plan was if it was a beautiful day, then we would have half the roof and walls lined to block out the sun and if it was over-cast and dull then we would have the full roof panoramic to take in the beautiful views of East Lothian countryside, beaches and the North Sea. Luckily, Scotland did not disappoint and the couple had an overcast day and they go their full panoramic roof and three out of four walls panoramic too.


The final finish was absolutely stunning, and I am so happy the gorgeous couple got exactly what they hoped for and I am so grateful that we got to be a part of their big day. We provided not only the marquee but also generator hire and bar hire too. This means that our staff who were working the bar on the night of the wedding got to experience the wedding in its full glory from day to night and the pictures we captured does not even do It justice.


This just proves that if you have a vision you need to go for it, and we are always here to advise and help any way we can and will do our very best to make sure your fairy tale becomes a reality.



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