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Our Corporate Marquees

It has been a very busy 2014 for Central-Marquees. We were very fortunate to build marquees for numerous wedding parties, birthday bashes and engagement do’s yet, we also accommodated marquees for our corporate customers. 

Here are a few events from 2014 in which our marquees were used for the corporate side of events…

2014 saw our marquees used in one occasion at Rhu Marina (Helensburgh, Argyll + Bute) – Quay Marinas Ltd. In this instance we built a 9m x 9m Clear Span Marquee which was multifunctional for the beautiful waterside location. The marquee rental for Rhu Marina lasted for five and a half months. (April-September 2014) The sturdiness of our clear span marquees means that despite the efforts of the West Coast wind and openness of the location (on the river Clyde) with no shield from trees or buildings the marquee not only survived the bipolar Scottish weather but it still looked absolutely great. This is because our Clear Span marquees primarily used to replicate a semi-permanent structure are hard wearing, with a tectonic, aluminium frames. The marquee in this occasion was built upon a hard standing ground (car park) our clear span marquees can be situated on any type of ground even hard standing surfaces. The Central-Marquees team staked into the hard standing surfaces to ensure a tight, unmovable grip attaching securely the clear span marquee to the ground which is exactly what the Marina required for the long-term hire of the marquee. The marquee was used for numerous occasions by the Marina; for extra storage, for a tea/coffee room for sailors to hide from the wet weather, for a health and safety demonstration room and just for a relaxing area for their clients to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery in a dry and warm room.

2014 also saw one of our Traditional Style Marquees used for a Tai-Chi course at Stirling University. Our 12m x 24m Traditional Style Marquee hosted a week long Ta-Chi course for budding fitness gurus. The event was a huge success that saw a group of young children to older, experiences adults develop their skills in martial arts with the aid of Tai Chi Caledonia. The Traditional Style Marquee that was used within the Stirling University campus can hold up to 350 guests standing – the marquee itself was simple and practical. The marquee came equipped with PVC walls all around the perimeter, with no window walls. This is because the marquee provided an air of privacy from the other students on campus. The marquee also had a fully floored area; our flooring is made of hard-wearing, reisen, non-slip plywood (we have both dark brown and black) we have found that our flooring is not only sturdy and practical but looks the part too. Our technique for smoothing out the kinks of the rough, Scottish terrain is to lay our flooring on timber beams. By doing this we can pack out the divets in the ground, and also raise the flooring above ground level, so even if you think you can’t have a marquee event because your grounds aren’t flat, don’t threat because we do our very best to make the ground as flat as possible.

The Tour De France and Commonwealth Games (Glasgow) 2014:
2014 was a big year for not only Britain but for sporting achievements too. The Tour De France in Leeds (Wetherby, Bingley and Bradford) was a huge event. For this Central-Marquees set up one 12m x 24m Traditional Style Marquee at one stopping point for cyclists; the marquee provided ample space for the guests to stop, have a break and relax before they carry on with their long cycle across the Channel. For this we also provided; lighting, doors, tables and chairs. One hour away from the first site in Leeds we set up a ‘mini’ village at Bingley Rugby Club; for this we provided another large marquee for a dining area (like the other site), this also included again; lighting, doors, tables and chairs. However, we also provided two catering marquees which were clear span, to allow the catering team to prepare packed lunches and cooked breakfast and dinners for the security staff for the Tour De France. The catering marquees because they were clear span allowed us to adjoin them to the main dining marquee which was also clear span. This meant if the weather was horrible and raining; the food, servers and clients would not get wet while picking up their food from the catering marquee to the dining marquee. Because our clear span marquees are metal framed there are no guy ropes in the way preventing the marquees butting up beside one another. More Traditional Style Marquees were provided (6m x 9m and 12m x 9m) to act as a ‘chill out’ spaces for the staff on site; with heaters too it was a great shelter from the cold weather at night. At another site in Bradford Central-Marquees provided a 9m x 9m Clear Span marquee with two doors; this was vital that two doors were provided at this site, as it was the charging station for the security staff on motorbikes to charge their radios. It meant that one door acted as an entrance for the motorbikes and one as the exit, meaning that a steady flow of traffic was coherent.

Throughout all three sites for the Tour De France we provided also a lot of electrical equipment out with marquee hire. Central-Marquees provided; cable, distribution, sockets, generator hire, fuel maintenance, tower-lights, tele-handlers and an on-site Central-Marquees  team member 24 hour a day and for a full week. We found this was a necessity for the Tour De France security camp site to run smoothly, this meant if there was any problems during the Tour De France such as: generators tripping, light bulbs not working etc. it meant that we were on hand to resolve the situation so it would not disturb the event.

The Commonwealth Games 2014: Milngavie, Glasgow. At this site in Glasgow we homed for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks 600-1200 security event staff. At any one time this site could house 600 hungry and tired security staff for the Commonwealth Games. At the site there was 9 marquees at the one site ranging from: 12m x 48m clear span marquee (sleeping quarters), two 6m x 9m clear span marquees and two 9m x 6m clear span marquees (individual/managerial sleeping quarters), 12m x 36m clear span marquee (dining area), 12m x 6m clear span marquee (catering marquee), 12m x 6m clear span marquee (drying room) and a 6m x 6m traditional style marquee (mobile phone charging room.) All the marquees were fully floored with lighting and doors. All of the marquees were necessary for the smooth running of the security of the Commonwealth Games and the functionality of the 24 hour work that the security staff endured during the Commonwealth season. Tables, chairs, curtain system for separating the sleeping quarters were also provided for the marquees. Alongside the marquee hire, we also provided the cable, distribution, sockets, 3 x 100kva generators, tower lights, ducted marquee heaters, 2 x welfare units for the managers to gather to discuss the upcoming events, sinks for the catering staff, 35 x portable loo’s (which were serviced daily), 20 x portable showers (which were also serviced daily), fuel for all the showers, generators, heaters, tower lights. We also provided; hand sanitizer stations dotted around the site, 1000L waste removal daily from the site from the catering marquee, IBC drum waste management, field sinks so that the staff could brush and wash their teeth without using the shower blocks, heras fencing around the entire perimeter of the site, fire extinguishers throughout the site, industrial fans to keep away those pesky midges, litter pickers daily so that the site was kept in tip-top condition, gas cannisters, plumbing for the entire site this was hugely important because we had to allow for showers for 600 staff in the morning as well as the catering staff washing dishes etc. this was achieved not using the mains water but a water tank storage unit on site.

Following from this a Central-Marquees team member was on site every day to make sure that the site was running smoothly and to plan. Before the event too the office staff at Central-Marquees were on the phone daily to the fire department, police department, health and safety department and other Commonwealth Games committees before the lead up to the site build, we felt that this took a lot of pressure off our client and allowed them to focus on other aspects of the Commonwealth Games.

Bring on more fun packed corporate events!!!!


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